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Let your Proprietary Commercial ERP Software be Innovatively, Creatively and Uniquely design and develop by Digiteq Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka Software Development & Support Off-shore Center, as a Mid-term or Long-term Outsourced Software Development Project with Continuous and unlimited Technical Support. Try us once in order to be an always trusted Software Provider to protect and grow your highly competitive business in good times as well as in bad times with special Discouts, Esay Payment Installments, Free-Of-Charge services, Software Source Code deposited in an ESCROW Account, etc...



Manufacturers & Assembly Plants

A Complete Software Solution from Raw Material Purchasing to Production Scheduling and Finished Goods Sales are systematically processed with various Audit and User Controls over Data Entries and Reports Generation. 8 SEACC ERP Software Core-Modules are Recommended : (1) Inventory, (2) Production, (3) Sales & P.O.S., (4) Debtors with Bills Settlement, (5) ..

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Distributors & Wholesellers

A Complete Software Solution from Purchase of Trading Stocks to Distribution Sales are systematically processed with various Audit and User Controls over Data Entries and Reports Generation. 5 SEACC ERP Software Core-Modules are Recommended : (1) Inventory, (2) Sales & P.O.S. (3) Debtors with Bills Settlement, (4) Creditors, (5) Financial Accounts with Bank ..

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Retails & Showrooms

A Complete Software Solution from Purchase of Trading Stocks to Distribution & Retail Sales are systematically processed with various Audit and User Controls over Transactions and Reports Generation. 5 SEACC ERP Software Core-Modules are Recommended : (1) Inventory, (2) Sales and/or Point-of-Sales, (3) Debtors with Bills Settlement, (4) Creditors, & (5) Financial ..

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Religeous Centers / NGO & VSO

A Complete Software Solution from maintaining Profiles of Local & Foreign Donors (Individuals, Families, Organizations & Groups), Local Beneficiaries & Local/Foreign Suppliers, Mailing Lists, Photo-file Records, Multiple branch office activities, Income & Expenditure with Cost Center/Project-wise tracking of Accounting transactions, Assets Management, Project Management, etc. 5 SEACC ERP Software Core-Modules are Recommended : ..

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We do not sell Commercially-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Software or Ready-to-run Self-deployable robust Software with limited functionalities to be “USE-AS-IS" and when deployed such COTS software, it will be too late to realize how limited its technical design/functionalities to incorporate your future systems requirements and changed Business & Audit Processes”.
At DIGITEQ, SEACC Proprietary Commercial ERP Software is designed using Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Methodology (structured collections of discrete software modules to computerize each Department of an Organization to completely capture all complex functional and non-functional activities into a software application) and to make it enable to be Customized to any extent, at the lowest Software Maintenance Cost, as and when it is so requested by our Customers Shareholders, Senior Management and End-users.
Our flexible and affordable most popular Payment Options/Plans are arranged in such manner to meet our Customers Short-term, Mid-term or Long-term IT Budgets, be it a START-UP, SMALL, MEDIUM or LARGE Enterprise, the SEACC ERP Software would be your long-waited TRULY & TRUSTED TECHNOLOGY bundled with Special Management Consultancies for Operations and Controls and a real Business Partner to assist your grow in a competitive world.
Since, we too have our own Group of Companies, in business for over 40 years, to support with complete ICT Services, such as Portfolio Management, Program Management, Project Management, Delivery Management, Technology Planning & Implementation, Change Management, etc, we are very contented being one of the very few Dedicated and Truly Trusted IT Supplier of the new Generation, to sustain, even during global economic recession, to support all our Internal & External Clients. It is not possible for each and every Company or Group of Companies to setup and maintain a fully fledge Technology Subsidiary for various reasons such as acquiring Technical & Project Management Expertise, Product Planning, Systems Integration & Source Code Protection, Technical Team Development & Management, Product Release and Support, as well as Data Protection, Long-term Financing of Technology R&D Activites, etc.
We do understand how important it is to acquire a Genuine and Inexpensive Professionally Developed Buisness Software Solution, with in-built Security to protect all stored Data of any business to manage local and global competitions in good times and in bad times. Since there are Growths and downfalls in a Life Cycle of every Industry, we have a range of Free ICT Services for our Clients to exist during the bad times ...!!

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Sales & Customer Relationship Management

CONTACT US (Mon-Fri, IST Time) : 

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Sales Target & Process Px400

SEACC ERP has the most advanced Sales Planning and Operations functionalities linked to both the Customers Profile and Payment/Receipt systems, as well as Sales Item-wise and Invoice-wise Profit Computation and Cost Tracking.



“This web site promotes only the SEACC Customize'able Software developed as per our Customer's Unique Requirements." " COPYRIGHT (c) DIGITEQ Solutions (Pvt) Ltd., Sri Lanka, 2010-2018. Other Brands and Names depicted in this web site in all forms are the property of their respective owners and our Business Partners. Information and images in this web site are provided in connection with SEACC Software Design, Development, Deployment and Service as well as Public Knowledge Sharing information and general definitions about the Terminology used herein. Digiteq Solutions (Pvt) Ltd assumed no liability whatsoever, and disclaims any express, implied infringement of any patent, copyright or other intellectual property rights.”