At DIGITEQ, we design and develop software the way our clients want it…

Why we are different from others..

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We believe in INNOVATIONS, through life-time experiences and ideas to capture, record and retrive business transactions in a modern way  to provide a uniquely designed state-of-the-art ERP / ERM Software Solution to our Clients. We have an excellent R&D Team having 5 to 30 years of Business Operations, Project Management and Technical skills.

Our goal is to establish "Long-term Technology Solution Partnerships with our clients to continuously upgrade our Innovative SEACC ERP / ERM Software Solutions" and to make such "Innovative Technologies Within Reach" to all our loyal Clients with maximum control to manage all their Corporate Offices, Assets, Business and Operational Processes, Audit Policies & Employees Actions and Performances.

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We believe in using World's Most Popular, widely used and technically supported MICROSOFT Development Tools running on World's Most Reliable INTEL Hardware Environments. We Protect our Innovative and Unique User Interface designs in the "SEACC" branded Business Application Software,  under Intellectual Property (IP) Acts and Laws. We also promote to protect all our Business & Channel Partners' Intellectual Property Rights by educating our Customers the importance and benefits of Genuine Licensing, as well as maintaining Good Corporate Governance using technology.

We are a Proud to be a MICROSOFT Partner Network Member and INTEL 'Premium' Software Partner, as well as Sri Lanka Export Development Board Registered Software Exporter Status. We strongly believe in Process-based business operation, in order for our clients to comply with National and International Standards, Compliance and Good Governance.

We have a fine set of internal Work flow methods in place to keep a track of all our Clients' Support and Change Requests (CRs), mitigate and address any System Risks and all Defects reported. We systematically record and manage SEACC' Helpdesk's Issue Resolutions, and Maintain the best internal documentation processes, to serve our customers better - with all possibilities and capabilities of new generation technology services.


Digiteq is the Technology Subsidiary of a leading Sri Lankan Manufacturing and Trading Group of Companies (Founded in 1967). Digiteq also supply and commission Total customized ICT and ERP Solutions, on Long-term contractual basis, for leading Group of Companies and Government's largest  Inventories.


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Digiteq is the MICROSOFT Partner Network Member and INTEL 'Premium' Software Partner. Digiteq's SEACC branded ERP/ERM Software runs perfectly on World's Most purchased brand names, such as MICROSOFT Operating Systems installed in Application and Database Server Clusters and Workstations of INTEL based Processors and Motherboards. We believe in Licensed Technology, than non-supportive and highly expensive Open Source Technology where Annual Payments are a killer.





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