Some of our Proposed ERP Software Modules to integrate all your Departments to the Management Information System Reporting Module accessible by Shareholders and Senior Management Team ..!

01 SCS : Stocks Control System


SEACC ERP' most important and advanced Business Software Module is the 'Stock Control System' with unlimited Customization for localized business process, for any type of Physical and Intangible Asset Management such as Software, Services, Consultation Charges, Merchandise, Tools & Spares, Internally Consumeable General Items, Books, Machinery, Office Equipment, Vehicles, Building Materials, Semi-Finished Goods, Finished Goods, Recycle Items, Damaged Goods, Items to Discard, etc.


SEACC ERP Stocks Control System (SCS) will allow Companies to manage its Capital over Stocks to identify and avoid ordering Non-moving items and streamline continuous procurement for Fast Moving Items to avoid 'Stocks-out' situation to annoy loyal customers. To manage Trading Stocks movement on FIFO basis to trace purchase details.


This Software Module will manage all activities from the time of Request to Order Processing, Goods Receipts, Returns for replacement or Refunds, Local Issues, Discard of Damaged items, Temporary Loan Items, Item Separation to smaller or larger items, Production Issues and Returns tracking, Auto Serial Numbering of received quantities, Receive and immediate distribution of Quantities to showrooms / Branch Network, Warehouse Picking Notes, etc, etc.


Bar Codes & RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) printed tags will automatically trace physical goods in an Inventory where RFID technology could be used to monitor 'Minimum Re-Order Level' for 'Daily Fast Moving Items' to avoid 'Stock Out' situations.



02 PSM : Production Stocks Management

Logo-SEACC-PSM Px220

SEACC Production Stock Management System (PSM) is developed given consideration to Management Philosophy and Operational Business Process practices, rules, reporting and accounting challenges and diffuclties in conducting proper audits.


PSM activities are captured from Sales Order to Production Job Approval and Production Scheduling of Machinery and Materials, to Material Request, Issues, Utilization, QC Rejects, Damages, Off-cuts, Excess Returns and Finished Goods Transfer. Labour Cost, Electricity and Factory Overheads are considered to release the Post-Production Costing. Production Systems is integrated with Stocks Control System. PSM is very user-friendly with graphically designed drags and drops of data sets to save data entry and advanced production and stock monitoring reports with Auto KPI Alerts.

03 SAS : Sales Accounting System

Logo-SAS Px173

Multiple sets of Sales Strategies, Principles, Processors, and Controls of various other Manufacturing, Distribution and Trading companies have contributed to release an Advanced and life-changing Sales Accounting System (multi-lingual) to trace all Customer Sales Orders up to the Credit Approval, Delivery to Sales Routes, Timely Invoicing, Cash/Cheque/Credit Card Receipts,  Non-Refundable and refundable Sales Returns, Customer Payment' Age-Analysis Reports, Customer Payment Trends for Risk Management, Showroom and Mobile Vehicle Sales with Daily Collection Tracking Sheets, Auto KPI Alerts and User level Security Controls, Audit Trail Log, and so on.


Transaction Processing by both Weight and Qty, Part Numbers/ Serial Numbers/ Warranty Processing, Managing Customers with Credit Limits, Sales Routes, Customer-wise Pricing, Track Sales from Initial Order to Sales Returns and Realized Receipts, Customer Orders, Deliveries, Invoices (Multi-lingual), Sales Returns, Receipts (Multi-currency), FASTEST Invoice Settlement with Receipts, Credit Notes and Debit Notes, Customer Outstanding Reminder Letters (Multi-lingual)

04 BSS-A/R : Bills & Cheques Settlement System (Debtors)


BSS – Bills Settlement System (Debtors, Invoice Settlement, Post-Dated Cheque Management & Bank Reconciliation) requires the SAS-Sales Accounting System to activate all its functions. FASTEST Invoice Settlement with Receipts, Credit Notes and Debit Notes, Customer Outstanding Reminder Letters (Multi-lingual), Age-Analysis Reports, Gross Profit Reports, Auto Alert MIS Reports and many more useful and improtant function never seen before are available in this special Interim Value Addes Unique Software Module.

05 BSS-A/P : Bills Settlement System (Creditors)


BSS – Bills Settlement System (Creditors Payments, Credit Note, Debit Note, Purchase Settlement, Post-Dated Cheque Management & Bank Reconciliation) requires the SCS-Stocks Control System to activate all its functions. FASTEST Procurement Payment Settlement, Credit Notes and Debit Notes, Supplier Outstanding Age-Analysis Reports, FIFO Costing Reports, Auto Alert MIS Reports and many more useful and improtant function never seen before are available in this special Interim Value Added Unique Software Module.

06 GLS : General Ledger System (with Cheque Printing & DIY Reports)

Logo-GLS Px172

Now you can Link and Configure your own accounts journals to be integrated with other SEACC Software Modules. You can create Unlimited Financial Years and GL Account Codes, as well as Unlimited and Independent Cost Center Creation to additionally track Payments such as imports/ Exports/ Special Events' Payments & Receipts just to avoid maintaining so many EXCEL Sheets. You get the Journal Voucher, Receipt, Payment Voucher, Bank Adjustment Entry, Manual/Auto Journalizing and Posting, Pre- & Post- Posting Reports/ Journal Book Printing/ Posted Transactions History/ General Ledger/ Sub-Ledger Reports, with innovative "DIY-Do It Yourself" Reports Generation (Balance Sheet, Income Statement/P&L, Cash Flow, etc).

07 PCB : Petty Cash Book (with Cost Centers and Banks) Stand-alone Module


The Most User-friendliest, Flexible and Advanced Petty Cash Management Software Module. Unlimited IOU generation and Settlement, Bank Accounts, Expenditure  and Cost Center-wise Account Creation, 100% Error-free Petty Cash Reimbursement with many controls and validations to avoid duplicate payments, Daily Cash Balance Reports, Avoid using many EXCEL Sheets.


08 MIS : Management Information System (Reports)

Logo-MIS Px174

100% Customized MIS-Management Information System. Unlimited Statistical and Graphical Reports, Just-In-Time KPI Alerts, and Auto System Generated Status and Performance Reports are accessible through Internet, Email and Touchpads only to the Shareholders, Directors & Vice Presidents.

MIS Software Module is the Most Valuable, Important and Critical Reporting System of the entire SEACC branded ERP/ERM Solution developed by DIGITEQ.

09 KPI : Auto Alerts Module (Emails and SMS)


100% Customized Just-In-Time KPI Alerts generation. Auto System Generated Alerts as per the Management Team's requirement and expectation is so possible with this Value Added Software Module.

Auto Alert Module is the Most Interesting and Critical Auto Reporting System of the entire SEACC branded ERP/ERM Solution developed by DIGITEQ.

10 SA : Systems Administration


The Cockpit and Dashboard of the SEACC ERP/ERM Software is the SEACC System Administration Module, which could be customized as per the Users' Requirement, to control and manage the SEACC Software Modules and all Security Access.

The ever best, day-to-day System Security, Access Controls, Data Backup, Audit Trail Logs, etc, could be managed and monitored in this System Security Module.

11 SPOS : SEACC Point-Of-Sales System


SPOS*-SEACC Point-Of-Sales System is a modern and advanced Billing System for Retail Businesses is customized as per the User's Requirement and bundled with SCS-Stocks Control System. Due to advancement of Computers and POS Hardware, the local Processing Speed with Data Storage and Memory Capacities, as well as modern networking for remote accessibility, and Graphical User Interface (GUI) for ease-of-use have made it possible to develop flexible and highly functional POS systems, for the lowest ever cost, unlike to traditional and old POS Systems, which are not 100% Windows-7 and Windows-8 Compatible.


SPOS* includes a computer CPU, 2 Displays for the Cashier and Customer, Cash Drawer, Receipt Printer, a Barcode Scanner, Integrated Debit/Credit Card Reader with Signature Capture Device or Customer PIN Pad Device. POS processing includes Sales Receipts (Cash, Credit/Debit Card, Discount Card Validation, Promo Codes, Manufacturer Coupon Validation, Foreign Currency Handling, etc.).


SPOS* is ideal for Hotels & Restaurants, Beauty & Hair Salons, Groceries & Supermarkets, Showrooms & Shops, Cash & Credit Card Sales Outlets, Hardware, Government Institutions, NGOs, Diplomatic Missions, Educational Institutes, Pharmacies and almost every Cash Receiving places.  


*POS Hardware is Not Included. Embossed Debit and Credit cards complying with ISO/IEC-7819-ID-1 standard.

12 SCOM : Sales Comis Computation


SEACC SCOM-Sales Comis Computation Module is 100% Customized as per the Users Requirement as with our decades experience, we are aware that each Enterprise has its own way of planning and managing each business and most ERP/ERM software have either failed in processing Sales Comis or fyrther modifying the deployed software, as and when the business policies changes from time to time due to competition and globalization factors.    

13 IMPO : Import Costing Module


Enterprises engaged in international trade needs just-in-time information about Imports Costing as Sales Pricing directly affects the Revenue and Profitability of a business, where sales price is incorrectly set too high means 'No Sales or Not Competitive' while too low means 'No Profit or Out of Business', it must therefore be carefully monitored and controlled. A Costing Sheet is your guide to estimate how much it will cost you to procure, transport, receive and finance your international transaction. To identify all costs involved when importing your goods.

5-step process is used to simple calculate Import Costing, where First step to validate ExW/FOB/CIF, Second step is to calculate Freight Cost (Sea, Air, Rail, Inland or all) as per the Origin and Destination Ports, Third step is to estimate Duties as per the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) Code over CIF/Landing Cost, Forth Step is to consider the Post-Landed Costs such as Inspection fees, National Standard Quality Testing, Bond/Warehouse Charges, Logistics and Container fees, Inland Transport and unloading fees, Clearing Charges, Bank Charges, Currency Exchange Fluctuation, and 5th step is to add up the Sales Expense and Promotions Costs, Mark up to determine the Local Sales price.  



14 EXPO : Export Costing Module


An Exporter should properly distinguish Pricing and costing as they are two different impacting factors in International Trade. Export Pricing is important for promoting export and managing international trade competition. It is important for the exporter to keep the export price as low as possible for a continuity of supplies. However, since there is no proper formula to successfully calculate an export pricing where it is distinct whether the Exporter is a Merchant or a Manufacturer or exporting through an agent.

15 WORK/e : Workshop Module (Office Equipment Maintenance)

Logo-Workshop2 (2)

Keeps a tracking of purchased details of all Office Equipment to update and maintain an Asset Movement Register with records of Services and Repairs.

16 WORK/v : Workshop Module (Vehicle Maintenance)

Logo-Workshop2 (2)

Keeps a tracking of purchased details of all Vehicles to update and maintain an Asset Movement Register with records of Services and Repairs.

17 WORK/m : Workshop Module (Machinery)

Logo-Workshop2 (2)

Keeps a tracking of purchased details of all Machinery & Tools to update and maintain an Asset Movement Register with records of Services and Repairs.

18 FAA : Fixed Assets Accounting System

Logo-FAssets Px300

Fixed Assets Module keep a track of all Assets from tje point of purchase, transfers, servicing and maintenance, marked as damaged, discarded for fee or free. Depreciation of Property, Plant & Equipment are based on Straight-Line -Method over the estimated Useful Life of each Asset. Faller units, or better accuracy of auto calculated Depreciation, functions such as Asset Splits, Asset Transfers, Asset Sales, etc, etc…

19 HRCM : Human Resources Capital Management

20 GPAY : Global Employee Payroll System

Process your Finger print or Bio-metric Device readings of your Employees and Vsitors roaming inside the Office/Factory premises, as well as to compute the accurate payroll. Payroll comes with Multi-currency Global Payslips Processing & Printing, Country-wise Employee Master Data, Country-wise Company Calendar, Country-wise & Branchwise Shift Master & Roster Master, Earnings Master, Deductions Master, Loan Master, Statutory Deduction Master, Country-wise Payroll Tax Master, Piece Meal Rate Master, Employee Leave Module, Employee Overtime Module, Factory & Office/Management Staff Confidential Payroll Processing & Payslips Printing, unlimited statements, reports, statistical reports and auto alerts.

21 TAM : Time Attendance Module

Extract and filter Employees and Visitors Time-In & Time-Out recorded in Finger Print devices or Bio-metric Devices to filter raw data into a readbale form.

Extracted and filtered data could be viewed in TAM Module for further editing and then process data for Payroll, Shift and Roster information as well as to generate various reports and statements.

22 HLON : Employee Loan Management System

23 SCM : Supply Change Management System

24 UT1 : Internal Report Scheduling Module

25 UT2 : Security Gate Management Module

You can now keep a track of all People and Goods Movement, as well as to automate Sales Goods Deliveries and Returns more efficiently and effectively, by integrating this with the SEACC Sales System. This is alo integrated with the SEACC Stocks Control System to keep a very good track of Current Assets and Fixed Assets movement.

In addition, Security Module could be linked to a Finger Print or a biometric device to keep a track of your Security Officers Movement and Site Inspection Cycles.

26 UT3 : Letters, Documents & Parcels Management

Keeps a track of Incoming and Outgoing all official Letters, Documents and Parcels with Senders & Receivers details, as well as Cost of Posting.


We do have an excellent product for Domestic Courier Service with Debtors and Accounting System and which could be linked to an International Courier System.

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